Living for a global impact (February 2010)


Living for a global impact (February 2010).

Man can never live a fulfilled life without a reason to live I have once heard the saying that there are three categories of people on earth;

1. History makers
2. History writers
3. History readers
it is to be known that all history makers are men and women that lived their lives with the aim of impacting positively or negatively on others, most times positive impact on others does not require any form of force while negative impact requires some sort of force!


MOSES:- (Ex 2:11-15, 12:50-51) He was a man with so much passion to live for others that he even tried to deliver his people by himself; it cost him a life of exile until he received Divine Backing to do it. His passion for other people’s deliverance made him the first man to be used by God to perform miracles “He had so much passion that when he prayed for the forgiveness of the Israelites he asked God to blot his name from the book of life, these qualities to mention but a few; earned him a Generational remembrance even by the living today as the man who brought pharaoh to his knees and delivered the children of Israel from the land of Egyptians.

SOLOMON:- I kings 3:5-9 He became a king at a tender age but had the passion to be a great ruler. His desires was the driving force that caused him to determine to bring down Divine Presence via the altar of sacrifice. When he succeeded, he asked nothing of his own but made his passion known to the Almighty, this degree of selflessness earned him great heights that up till today, he remains the wisest and richest man that ever lived and not only that; he silenced WARS during his Era.

JOB: Job 29:12-17 His philanthropic nature turned him to the greatest man in the east: even when the enemy struck him; his nature couldn’t leave him completely; yes he passed through terrible times and even the very people He had helped deserted him. He still found out that his passion for others burned more in his heart than that of selfishness. (Job 42:10). He embarked on praying for his friends not minding their opinions about him in distress. He ended up rising to a position of Double Honor and Double Restoration!

DANIEL:- Dan 9:2-4 He understood the times and season therefore he set himself to intercede for his nation he was determined to end their captivity on his knees no matter how long it takes, he placed a demand in the spirit, understanding that the set time has come for their captivity to end. Though no-other person was ready to pay the prize; he volunteered to stand in the gap and take back the freedom of his people

JESUS CHRIST:- This is the passion master of all! He lived his whole life for others “Philip 2:5-11” and that earned him the greatest name in the universe. In fact His passion for the well being of others caused him to perform miracles even when He was not supposed to, like in cana at Galilee