The devil’s verdict concerning you is a lie (June 2010)


The devil’s verdict concerning you is a lie (June 2010).

In this end times, the necessity for believers to search the scriptures like never before cannot be over emphasized, because that is the only way to gather enough ammunition to fight the enemy to a standstill now that he is in a hurry to get Heaven depopulated.
It is the search of scriptures that will give you an understanding of the latest verdict that has been released by the Supreme Court of the universe. At first, after the fight in the Heavens the devil was thrown down on earth and he became the god of this world, thereby Having power to determine what happens in the world especially after the fall of man. God loving us so much and knowing how wicked the devil’s verdict can be, sent His only son to take care and reverse the order!
Now Jesus came and via the mystery of the cross he took over and put us in charge (John 1:12) for not only were we placed in the same pedestal thereby having the same entitlement (Ps 82:6) we also have a higher connection.

This higher connection is what I would like to call the Blood Covenant. If as a Christian, you have not discovered and entered into the Blood Covenant, you are running a risk of being molested by the devil. The scriptures cannot be broken and we are told that the major instrument for overcoming the devil’s lies is the Blood (Rev 12:11)

Listen the easiest way of cancelling any lie of the devil against your life is the Blood! Why? Simply because the Blood Speaks!(Heb 12:24) it is an Unbreakable Covenant so therefore it continues to speak on your behalf. It is not a Covenant that is dependant on the individual, it is just dependant on God. This is a covenant that speaks exchange!! For Jesus was given in exchange for the world and God orchestrated a point of contact to prove it by exchanging the life of a thief for that of a saint (Luke 23:25)
Thereby telling every child of His that via the mystery of the Blood any exchange in life is possible. In exchange for sorrows and poverty, you can have Joy and riches (2 Cor 8:9) Now it is left for us to realize that T
He Blood Covenant is stronger that family ties (Prov 18:24) (John 17:21) therefore if the devil has lied that your family is destined for barrenness, failure, poverty, stagnation, marital sorrows or embarrassments (1 Pet 5:8) I want you to know that his license to give you that information has expired because once you are in Christ you are a new creature, old things are passed away (2 Cor 5:17) and you are now operating in the new You which is the Covenanted You, that has the right to long life, marital Bliss, Fruitfulness, Riches and Unending Breakthroughs.(Rom 8:37)

He is the accuser of the brethren and specializes in deceit; he can only succeed in your life via tricking you to believe that his licensed information is still valid!! The question now is, WHOSE REPORT DO YOU BELIEVE?