The place of the altar – Part 1 (July 2011)



The place of the altar is a vast study that needs serious understanding for people to be able to appreciate it’s importance. Firstly, I will want to define what an altar means.

An altar can simply be defined as a structure upon which a religious sacrifice is offered infact it’s Hebrew word is “Mitzbeah” which means “a place of Sacrifice”. Both the heathen and Israelites built altars as shown by scriptures; remember the story of Elijah and the prophets of Baal. Altars are mentioned 228 times in the Bible and 24 of them was mentioned in the New Testament pardon me at this point to also wonder why in Rev. 4:10 it was 24 elders that worshipped! Listen, the altar is a “place to meet with God” therefore a place to worship God is an altar. The happenings when a man truly arrives the place of the altar cannot be denied for it is almost instant.

The altar has been given deep religious and symbolic significance; it’s been considered holy, a place hollowed by divine presence, where contact and communication with deities are achieved. This is why an altar can be raised in favour of a person or against an individual. Altars work very often for the purpose to which it was raised because Altars speak! (Rev. 16:7). Altar have the ability to speak because it is the place of blood. The scripture says that the life of the flesh is in the blood, no wonder God said to Cain “the blood of your brother is calling out unto me …”

The greatest altar raised for the child of God was done at Golgotha and according to scriptures after this altar it says to us that “the blood of Jesus speaketh better things than the blood of Abel” (Heb. 12:24).
Altars establish territorial authority and most times when a new one is raised; it determines who is now in control for example when Abraham came into the Promised Land he built an altar to the God who had appeared to him (Gen. 12:7). He simply said to the spiritual realm “Listen: the demi-gods of my past don’t influence me any more; this new found God of mine is now in charge! And it established the destiny of Abraham’s offspring. Infact his second altar at Bethel (Gen. 12:8) had a generational infact for his grandson slept there, met the Lord, received a promise and concluded in awe, “This is the gate of heaven”.

Friends; this is the generation of Christians that can only manifest glory via great insights from scriptures; ignorance is not an excuse for a generational altar not to speak against you!! Prov. 2:2-5… Get wisdom and in all your gettings; get understanding … To be contd.