The place of the altar – Part 2(August 2011)



In the last edition, we started looking at altars and it’s effect in the lives of men. It is to be noted that when altars are raised; they touch generations. If serviced, they procure the destiny of our progeny.

By establishing altars to the Lord; we can set the course of this generation the right way. Through altars erected by faithful Christian ancestors, our lives were enriched. They opened the gates of heaven and the ministry of angels was released over nature.

On the other side, altars of offence can open the gates of hell, cast veils of blindness over people and cause nations to fall prey to demonic oppression.

Let’s take a look at some people that raised altars in the Bible.

Noah, when he raised an altar, God made a promise never again to destroy the earth with a flood (Gen. 8:20).

Isaac; When he raised an altar, God promised him blessings (Gen. 26:25), Balaam (Num. 23:1,14,29). He raised an altar hoping to get God’s permission to curse the Israelites but the only permission he got was to bless them. This action tells us that the altar is a place of either blessings or curses.

Samuel: He raised an altar and brought total defeat to the Philistines (I Sam. 14:35). Elijah (I Kings 18:31 & 32). He raised an altar and fire fell from heaven. These are a few men that built altars with positive effects; but there are some others that had negative effects; some needed to be dethroned like that in Judges 6:25. Evil altars; leads to the establishment of demonic thrones like I Kings 12:32.

In all these I thank God for He did not leave us without a solution. He gave us a guide out of it all through the Rhema in His word therefore prophesy, “every demonic altar speaking against your manifestation; Hear me now; the Blood of Jesus is against you in Jesus name. Amen. To be cont’d.