Blessing from heaven


After the vigil covenant of abundance; I chatted mama to explain the altar place and the seed; she just replied am a bit tired now, but I’ll go to the mountain on Monday with all the seeds after my dry fast tomorrow. I was amazed at such passion for people’s progress. I asked God please I want to be part of this testimonies. Give me a seed not just the one thousand in twelve places; I want more Lord. My beloved brethren, my Sister who I asked to start a business for me since the beginning of the year, all of a sudden call me and says, you’re just too difficult, so you refused to do anything except this business of yours? I wish you well! Send me your account number. I can only afford 500k. Bye…. it was like film… I sent her the number and as I send in this testimony: MAMA the money is in my account. Please as I send my tithe, pray that this money will not get lost in my hands but that it would multiply to the glory of God. Amen