Deliverance from strange woman


My husband was taken over by a strange woman which does not know the genesis of how he became a rich man, we finished our house and he never allowed me to move in but took this woman into a house we built together. For years now I have been a single mother to our children. A friend added me to this group and one day I stumbled into the vigil. I started from day 32 and finished the vigil. Then two day after the vigil I decided to listen to the vigils from day one. I went to the page of MAMA. Dr. Uloma Ojei world outreach. I prayed along and spoke into my life and that of my children. By the next day; I got a call from an unknown number and the person was shouting at me saying my juju no go work; it took sometime before I realised that it was my husbands concubine. I cut the line and didn’t bother with the call. The next day I got a call from my husband’s sister who asked if she can come and see me on Saturday, which was yesterday. I agreed. Once again I joined the covenant of abundance vigil, followed all instructions as usual sent my seed and asked God for great testimony. Indeed GOD IS FAITHFUL!!! My testimony is that yesterday my Sister In law came with my husband and some members of my family. From the story they were telling which is too long to tell; I trace it back to the 37th day of the vigil! They said he woke up by 4am and was shouting my name and that of his children. Since he has been going daily to my family but I was not told because they did know what my reaction would be. They arranged the meeting this way so that I would know he is really sorry for everything. Hmmm. I was speechless and I asked them to go first; to my greatest shock, My husband laying on the floor refused to leave the house unless I accept him back. Infact he slept here last night! Praise the Lord. But MAMA pls I need to speak with you before further decisions. God bless you