Delivered from evil ones


This GOD too much oooooooo! My mummy after the vigil of dealing with the leviathan; two days later, two people in my office came to me saying they wanted me to forgive them. I asked what they had done that needed forgiveness; they said that they are the ones taking negative news about me to management hoping they would send me away; but that at the end somehow I’ll still manage to get out of the pressure, and that now management is discussing to promote me and make me to head a branch of the company. They said they wanted my forgiveness before I leave for my new position. I was a bit taken aback, then I asked them to come later. Mama not up to 45mins after they left my office; a letter came which confirmed my promotion and new posting! I was shocked, but while I wondered my heart reminded me of the vigil and I choose to forgive them. Praise the Lord