Divine Intervention


I really want to THANK YOU JESUS ….. thank You Jesus….thank you Jesus! THANK YOU! Mummies in the house; my home used to be one week; one trouble; the neighbours knows us as the fighters! I want to testify to the GOODNESS of JESUS! Since I started following the vigil programme; We have not fought up till now; Infact someone asked me that it’s like my husband stopped drinking; when I asked Why? She said because you guys have not fought in a while! That day I went home full of thoughts and decisions. But in my thoughts I realised that it was since I started praying along with the vigil even after the live recording. I still listen pray along and type my repetitions of prayers and my amen! Mama if possible…. let it not end at 40 days because some of us need our testimony to be permanent in JESUS NAME. Praise the Lord