Doors opportunity opened


PRAISE GOD!!!! INDEED OLUWA IS INVOLVED….. Mama, when you said there will be 24hrs miracles in the vigil covenant of abundance; I keyed into it… I told GOD, if indeed you’re in this platform, let me experience this 24hrs miracle. I sent in my 12 thousand and asked GOD that I no longer want my name in the list of poor people. Mama by 4pm exactly on Saturday my uncle in America called and asked if I can take over his business in Nigeria? Before I could answer he said he wanted us to be in partnership and that he had detailed his lawyer in the partnership agreement, it will be 70:30 on every sales made in the estate! He just feels I will be the right person to watch over his business in Nigeria without fraudulent practices!!! His lawyer has called and we’re signing the document on Monday. I’ll also be taken to his site same Monday! JESUS MUST BE FAMOUS OOOOOOOOOOOOOO! THANK YOU JESUS