Evil growth in the body disappear


I stumbled into the virtual cast that published the information about the vigil night and the time. Something about the song and your smile when you were talking attracted me. I joined the vigil followed all instructions; thank God for mobile banking, sent my seed and asked God for healing. I told God, That I understood the meaning of altar and that I have done my part, He should do His own. I have had a growth in my private part for 7years now that is very embarrassing, and because of it; I can’t date a man talk less of thinking about marriage, It was believed I have spiritual problem so that I don’t want a man, MAMA who do I tell the ugly challenge I was facing; doctors said I needed to go abroad for the operation, hmm! Where is the money for such trip? Mama; after drinking the oil, i felt a sharp pain in my waist but I saw it as nothing. I went to bed that night slept and dreamt, where I went abroad for the operation and it was successful! I was very happy, just for me to wake up and realised it was only a dream. But when I checked the time I screamed. I was late it was already almost 9am. In my heart I said what type of sleep is this, I tried to stand up but was really tired, I asked how can I wake up late and still be tired. I called my work place and took excuse to stay home. I still lay in bed till about 12noon when I found strength because of hunger. After eating I went to bath; HALLELUYAH! To my greatest amazement; I can no longer find any growth in my body…. I have checked over 100 times since then; am still amazed! I still intend to go see my doctor on Tuesday. Praise the Lord