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Hiv positive turns to Negative


WOMAN OF GOD; I call you that because I have tasted the power of the God you’re serving! I was HIV positive. I came across one of Your VIGIL PRAYERS, I kept on saying it every morning and night; I told God that if indeed there’s anything like UNSTOPPABLE TESTIMONY then I want one. My Pastor Preached a sermon in Grace last year and I tot I could join my friends to do one night out; that was how I got the disease. I asked God for forgiveness several times but It was like far fetched; when I stumbled into that prayers; you asked us to rededicate our lives to Jesus and I DID daily as I repeatedly listened to the video. Just last week Monday, You asked me to go for check up in my dream and that I should give the testimony if I must sustain the miracle! Mummy I as write this now; three hospitals has confirmed me negative! I really want to be fully part of this ministry! I thank God for your life mama; GOD BLESS YOU. PRAISEEEEE THE LORD