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Mummmyoooooooooooooooo! May God contime to bless and keep you. Thank you for allowing God use you to do this vigil. God bless you please. I was invited to the vigil by a friend and she told me to buy anointing oil for it. So I was by my phone monitoring the link until the programme started. The prayers was awesome and I enjoyed every bit of it until the moment of the ALTAR thing. I had mixed feelings but my heart said to me, do you prefer childlessness to simple instructions? It stung like bee! I immediately transferred 9k to the link seed information given; then told myself shebi you have done that stop blaming! Next we were asked to put a little salt in the oil, I said hmmm, all these magic people, again my heart asked me if the Evangelist bought my oil or gas met me Before? So I said to myself okoo..this is instructions, just do It, it won’t kill you for sure. I did it…haaa…we were now asked to drink It! I said this is way out of it. In that instant it was as if I could not find the joy I felt joining the vigil that night anymore; after much struggle, I decided to drink it. It was not up to 30mins I started having stomach cramps; I ignored it, after a while it for serious then my husband asked what the matter was with me; I said it was since I drank the oil that my stomach hurts. He blamed me for been gullible and following instructions from links of Facebook duppers. But the stomach trouble persisted, we were about leaving for the hospital when it was as if poo was coming out, I rushed to the toilet he came with me to asist since I was in no shape to be left alone. The stool was watery the mixed with blood, after which I was so weak just before we flushed, he noticed something floating on top of the pooh. When we looked again, behold it was a padlock! Children of God! Padlockoooooooo….. I poohed padlock!!!! Hmm Infact at that point all my strength returned, becos I needed to get to the bottom of the matter. I took it out of the toilet washed it; lo and behold it was having something like a piece of skin locked with It! I told my husband that we must open and destory this padlock. He was just quiet and looking with total surprise! After a while; he said why don’t you connect to that Facebook link and ask what should be done? I just didn’t take that route, instead, I immediately look for everything my hand could layhold of and successfully opened the padlock and separated the lock from the body, the odour was next level! By the time we were done with the whole drama it was a little past 5am.. 15mins or so. Just for my husband to pick his phone, he saw 34missed calls from his father. By the time he called back, they said it was already late, That his step mother wanted to speak with his wife but her phone was off so they were calling him but he didn’t pick up; but now the woman is dead! He screamed and repeated dead! Was she sick? The father said that she just woke up by 2am that night and started screaming calling my name and shouting why??why?? Them after a while she said she wanted to tell me something, but unfortunately before the could do anything she fell down by the time the got to the hospital, she had lost consciousness. After a while she said to my father in law that I won the battle, then she breathed last and died. Mummy my father In law wants me to come home and see him, what should I do? Please everyone thank this God for me! Words cannot express what I want to say! But I know am grateful.

Victorious Team