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The place of the altar – Part 6(December 2011)

ALL LOST TREASURES ARE RECOVERED Beloved, if you happen to be reading this right now; it simply means you have every cause to celebrate Jesus this season. Why? Because His assignment on earth has been fulfilled in your life. By Reading this bulletin simply means that we might have life… reading this simply means that […]


The place of the altar – Part 2(August 2011)

ALL LOST TREASURES ARE RECOVERED In the last edition, we started looking at altars and it’s effect in the lives of men. It is to be noted that when altars are raised; they touch generations. If serviced, they procure the destiny of our progeny. By establishing altars to the Lord; we can set the course […]


The place of the altar – Part 1 (July 2011)

ALL LOST TREASURES ARE RECOVERED The place of the altar is a vast study that needs serious understanding for people to be able to appreciate it’s importance. Firstly, I will want to define what an altar means. An altar can simply be defined as a structure upon which a religious sacrifice is offered infact it’s […]


Change from within (May 2011)

FORGIVENESS REMOVES OBSTACLES MAINTAINED The Journey to distinguished heights starts from an individuals ability to overcome self. Self is one of the greatest battles we will need to fight as Christians, for it is the self in man that fights the move of God in man. Rom 8:13 “For if ye live after the flesh, […]


What is your motive (April 2011)

MISSION ORBIT TARGET INTENTIONS VENTS ENLARGEMENTS OR EMPTINESS Most times, people’s motive of going to church is because of what they can get from God and not what they can give God or the act of knowing him better, not realizing that the secret to Great Success is seeking to know God without attaching personal […]