Loved Generation Institute

# Business School:

* Insights into scriptural business secrets

* Prophetic Identification of your place of assignment

* Understanding the place of networking in business growth

* Business Principles and Ideas

* The place of diligent work input.

#Leadership Academy:

* Good Leaders are made (trained) not born

* Developing the desire and will power to become and effective leader

* Organizes conferences and publications to help develop leaders

* Leadership development tips and techniques

* Leadership definition; theories; styles; skills; qualities; quotes; types etc

#Ministry training School:

* Deliverance Courses

* Discipleship Courses

* Healing Courses

* Five Fold Ministry Courses

* Ministry development Courses

* Prayer Courses

* Bible Study Courses

#Wealth Creation Studies:

* Goal setting techniques

* Wealth creation strategy

* Wealth definition

* Wealth creation articles & theories

* How to create wealth with free resources

* Wealth Creation Skills